Friday, 24 June 2011

T minus seven days and counting. The adventure begins...

Friends I welcome you.

Thanks for checking in, I will do my best to keep you captivated and curious.

So what is "The One Grand Adventure" exactly?  Honestly, it's only an idea, a whisper of something that could be, and that I am hoping can materialize in reality.  It's an idea downloaded from somewhere beyond my own brain, from something, some power I have been trying to understand my whole life.  That being said, here is the deal.  I am attempting to travel Canada from East to West, and South to North.  Along the way I will stop in every provincial capital as well as numerous smaller towns and villages off the beaten path as much as possible.

Now here is the catch, and the reason this adventure is "the One Grand One".  My budget to traverse the second largest country by land area in the world?  Yup, you guessed it.  One thousand dollars.  Yes I know impossible right!?

I have already been told it can't be done.  I am interested in what can be done.  Now there are some rules to the game that make this more plausible.  However, I stand firm on bringing only one thousand dollars of my own money.  Money and or/goods/services acquired on the way are all fair game.  The only stipulation to this rule is the rule of "fair exchange of energy".  This rule basically states that for anything received so shall some thing be given.  That "thing" can be services rendered (please minds out of the gutter) goods given, or a simple hug with a heartfelt "thank you".

Ultimately I will be writing about this experience as often as possible with the ultimate dream being a published book based on these experiences.  I have always had three dream jobs.  One: Film Director, Two: Cameraman in a foreign war zone, Three: Professional Author/Writer.  I am striving for number three here, so please keep reading!

Right now I am making and delivering pizza, not exactly my idea of spiritual fulfillment, but it does pay the bills and has allowed me to save one thousand bucks to embark on a life changing adventure through my homeland.  And for that, I am eternally grateful.

So this is t-minus seven days and counting.  My first stop is Quebec City, Quebec, it is Canada's oldest city and one of the oldest in North America.  I have traveled far in wide in this country, but I have never seen Quebec City, and it is only 5 hours away from where I live here in Ottawa.  As of yet I have no accommodations other then the back of my green machine, my 1998 Honda civic, but I am using a web site called "" to find cheap (free) places to stay across Canada.

I have been talking about this idea for years now.  The One Grand Adventure, I can't even begin to tell you how excited, amazed and in awe I am, that in seven days I will be living a dream that has been inside my mind, and my heart for the last three years.  My state is one of anxious, positive trepidation, coupled with a state of inner peace and knowing.  It's a knowing that this is part of my path, that I am waking up to something that is bigger then who I think I am. 

I want to thank you for reading this, may my journey be a journey for you, stuck in some cubicle wishing you were me right now!!  But, seriously, thanks.  I hope I can bring some joy and insight into your world as much as I can.  My goal of expanding the awareness of others, is as important to me as expanding my own.  I have lived selfishly and am hoping I can help others as much as possible on this, "The One Grand Adventure".

Now the preparations begin.  I am shitting in my pants, just a little.

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