Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Final Preperations

Life is funny.  Life is beautiful.

The hardest decision people have to make in life is to decide what they want.  The majority of us, myself included, spend the greatest amount of our concentration on the things we don't like, the things that irritate, annoy and frustrate us.  It's a hypnotic dance that takes place in front of our eyes, as we are mesmerized by "what is". When however our thinking cycles are shifted into positive ones amazing things can and do happen. 

I spent almost half a decade in this cycle, putting my attention on what I did not like in my life, complaining about it, trying to escape it through various means.  I made myself miserable and those around me equally so at times.  In my heart I knew there was something else in store for me, but it was shrouded from my imagination, buried somewhere between complacency, boredom and anger.   I felt like I was worthless and had nothing left to offer this world except my contribution to the consumptive cycle that passes for normalcy in this world.  I started to pray for help and slowly answers came my way, I saw the path before me.  I had to make some very hard decisions, tie off loose ends and start over.  And, now here I am.  Two days away from stepping into truly unknown territory.

There is a sense of aliveness, and of wonder permeating my personal zone right now.  I am anxious, but in a good way, like I have been selected as contestant on the Price is Right.  This is my showcase showdown.

Now people I am telling about this adventure of mine keep asking me where I am going, and the answer I keep giving is; "everywhere".  I am just letting things unfold organically, and so far my first two points of interest are locked in, thanks to some amazing people I have met only via email on couchsurfing.org.  Thank you MC in Quebec City and AAC in Gaspe.  I look forward to making these new acquaintances.

I have also discovered that I may be able to afford gas by giving people lifts between cities.  I was on kijiji and there is a ride share category I never even knew about.  So, let's see who I can taxi along with myself as I hopscotch my ass around this great nation of ours!

In terms of gear, I am almost done picking up the majority of what I think I will need.  I got a pair of Timberland hiking boots from Value Village for 20 bucks!  I also acquired a used GPS for $30 and splurged on a $100 Marmot waterproof jacket.  All in all not bad.

So in a couple more days my adventure begins.  Thanks for being part of my experience, if there is anything you the reader would like from me, please let me know.  I am willing to take pictures besides various roadside attractions, pick up/drop off people or things, or just go somewhere you have never been on your behalf.  Let me know, I will do my best to be as interactive as possible.

Friday is fast approaching and I am baffled by the speed of time.  Until next time....


  1. Something I heard yesterday that comes to mind after reading this entry:

    "One must never hurry, knowing that each thing in life will flourish at its own pace. That each of us is a unique flower and we cannot expect to blossom at the same time as the other. Thus, one must learn to see what one wants rather than to want what one sees" - Anonymous.

  2. that is so deep it blows my friggin mind!!