Wednesday, 13 July 2011

intermezzo # 1

I have been on the road for 2 weeks now.  It feels like a lifetime in the blink of an eye.  What am I doing, why am I doing what I am doing? Am I running or seeking, or both?  I know one thing, I am learning and I am growing.

Travel has a way of redefining our own boundaries, of redrawing the edges of what we think we might know.  It is in essence freedom, otherwise why would we look so forward to our time off?  Our time away from the hive.  Because really, that is what some of us seek, the spiritual restlessness that can only be quenched by immersion into the unknown and foreign.

I have seen much beauty, and thought much about many things.  Maybe I won't come back to Ottawa.  Where is my home, is it someplace inside of me?  What in the hell are we doing to our home planet?  Why am I eating this KFC right now, damn it tastes so good.

I don't really have any answers to any of these questions.  But I am very glad that I can just ask them with out reprisal.  I am glad that I have the obligation, the privilege, and gift of life.  Really it was a cosmic miracle that I am here, and is a secondary cosmic miracle that I am aware that I am here and that I am a cosmic miracle.  I am conscious and I am creating, even if it is only the words you are reading before you.  Soak it in, that is the mission for now.  Be grateful, as much as possible, that people are here to care, and to help, and to be a part of my journey through this one life that is like no other, that has been or ever will be.

So I am getting  philosophical.  So what!   I will look back on this Journey for years to come and will be glad.  I will be glad for the sunsets, the smell of the sea, the rainbows, the whales,  and the ospreys.  I will be glad for the friendships, the talks, the laughs, the toilet paper that is given so freely.  I will be glad for life, and the treasure it is, if we look at, and live it in a way that best suits it, freely and open-hearted.

I am learning that truly we are all one,  when will the masses get this?  We are all bound by the confines of the same solitary reality, that being, we are all residents of one home, one that does not recognize borders, our mother, the Earth.  Don't believe me?  Zoom out one million times, all you see is blue and green.  All you see is a family, struggling to stay alive and together.  We just haven't met each other yet, and we are still trying to understand one another.  We need to keep reaching out, let go of what we think we are and embrace the unknown.  Discomfort is mandatory, but this too shall pass.  Time to grow up.

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